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 Earth & Space Sciences teacher Resources & ADVOCACY

ESS Advocacy

Advancing Earth & Space Science for All

Advocating for ESS Classes

The central science from which all sciences derive:

ESS is often misunderstood & in need of advocating.  Most recent scientifically-based  legislation requires ESS understanding, yet most States do not teach K-12 students as they should to prepare them for understanding.  ESS needs advocacy, but you are not alone, we are a community of ESS teachers that advocate for greater ESS impact on K-12 students

Why Earth & Space Sciences?

  • Importance of Scientific Literacy
  • Counseling assistance
  • Up-to-date info on Geoscience Careers

Status of Earth & Space Science:

  • States & Territories
  • Nationally
  • Increasing Diversity 


  • Your School District
  • State Legislators
  • National Advocacy 


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Why become an ESS Teacher?

We are in a National shortage of ESS teachers
Passionate ESS teachers impact student interests & futures, leading to increase in geoscience majors & geoscience professionals.  US has a shortage of geoscience professionals that is projected to increase, with no influx of new geoscientists on the horizon.  Be a part of that change for students & the future of ESS:

We discuss in depth:

  • Why Become an ESS Teacher?
  • Status of ESS Teachers by State
  • Diversity in Teaching
  • Become a Dual Enrollment Teacher

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