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Members - How to login & UpDATE YOur Profile

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  1. 1. Look for the red person icon in top right corner that is labeled "Member Login".  
  2. 2. Enter email you are receiving all NESTA emails (like eNews, etc)
  3. 3.  If you have never accessed your account: click "Change Password", bottom right
  4. 4.  Follow instructions


Many members have not updated their profile since they first joined NESTA. We do use the information when analyzing our organization so that we can offer you services that you want. We DO NOT SELL or EXCHANGE any of this information so there is no need for you to be concerned about showing up on someone’s mailing list.

To update your NESTA profile:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on the profile image in upper right corner
  3. Select view profile
  4. Review your information (if something needs to be changed, click edit profile at top left)
  5. Select save, top left, when finished

Things to especially check:

  • cell phone number (in case your email address does not work)
  • email address (our system deactivates email addresses that are not valid)
  • grade level (insert retired if you have retired from teaching),
  • address if you have moved so that you will receive print issues of TES when available
  • We would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to review your profile information and make any changes, if necessary.

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