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The Earth Scientist 
Chief Editor

Peg Steffen

Iowa City, Iowa

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The Earth Scientist 
Assistant Editor

Open Position

Calendar Keeper

Wendy Demers

New Orleans, LA

MS science teacher (20 yrs) - Retired 

ES, Physical & Life sciences

Prior Profession:
Early childhood/kindergarten teacher (12 yrs)

Professional development content & strategies in ESS topics
Maury Project, Project Atmosphere,
Iceland as member of a group of ES teachers

Many individuals consider ES a study of rocks, mountains & volcanoes. Growing up in New Orleans, where there are no rocks except those we purchase from other States, reinforces that limited perspective.
I enjoy expanding the knowledge base of students & educators to include ocean, atmosphere & our native challenges with our wetlands/coastlines

PD Opportunities Blog

ENews Editor

Kimberley "No-Jo" Norris-Jones

Columbia, SC

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ENews Editor

Diane Tom-Ogata

Honolulu, HI

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Facebook Group Moderator

David Thesenga

Erie, CO

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Twitter Curator

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