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Thursday: March 21st

 Time  Title  Presenters  Room
 8:00AM NOAA workshop 1 : Engage Your Students with Scientific Modeling and Virtual Reality
  CCC: 505
12:00PM Early Childhood and Elementary Science Share-a-Thon  : Every Rock Has A StoryProf. Ethan BaxterExhibit Hall Poster Session
1:00PM NOAA Workshop 2: NOAA Planet Stewards - Affect change through education, collaboration, and action - and receive up to $5000 to do it!
2:20PM NOAA Workshop 3How does my phone know where it is? The science behind GPS
  CCC: 505
2:20PMEarth from Space with My NASA Data   (My NASA Data) A. RizziMile High Ballroom 4D

NOAA Workshop 4: SOS Explorer: Real-time Data Visualization Tool for your Classroom

CCC: 505
3:40PM Microfossils reveal secrets of Earth’s past  (International Ocean Discovery Program)
3:40PM Culture Place-Base strategies to explain PhenomenonDiane Tom-OgataHyatt Regency - Mineral Hall C

Friday: March 22nd

 Time  Title  Presenters  Room
8:00AM New Tools for Analyzing and Creating Astronomical Images from Vera C. Rubin Observatory
(Vera C. Rubin Observatory)
Ardis Herrold Agate 
8:00AM NOAA Workshop 5: Use Games and Role Playing to Engage Your Students in One of the Most Dangerous Climate Impacts of Our Time: Sea Level Rise   CCC: 505
8:00AM Climate Literacy for All: Resources from the US Global Change Research Program
8:00AM Promoting Argument-Driven Explanation in Earth & Environmental Science
Missy Holzer Mile High Ballroom 4C
9:20AM Where Does Your Water Come From and Where Does it Go? Kimberley Norris-Jones & Diane Tom-Ogata CCC: 712
10:40AM Picture Yourself in a STEAM Career with Rubin Voices Trading Cards (Vera C. Rubin Observatory) Ardis Herrold Mile High Ballroom 4D
10:40AM Engaging Middle School Minds in Science Exploration - Speed Sharing NESTA Members Participating  Mile High Ballroom 3A
10:40AM Climate Action Starts Here: Building Climate Literacy in Grades 9-12 - Speed Sharing NESTA Members Participating  Mile High Ballroom 4C

NOAA Workshop 6: : Explore the Ocean, Weather, Climate Connections with Teek & Tom, NOAA’s New Animated Series and Lesson Plans

  CCC: 505
10:40AM Tales from the Deep: Storytelling brings scientific ocean drilling to life in the classroom.
(International Ocean Discovery Program)

  Exhibit Hall Poster Session
 1:20PM Changing Views of our Earth System, NASA Data in Your Environmental Science Class.
M. Holzer & N. Macke Hyatt Regency  - Mineral Hall C
 1:20PM NOAA Workshop 7: : Easier Than You Think: Bringing Equity and Environmental Justice Into Your Classroom   CCC: 505
2:40PM Using Authentic Data to Evaluate the Expansion of the Universe (Vera C. Rubin Observatory) Ardis Herrold Capital Ballroom 2
2:40PM NOAA Workshop 8: Sea to Sky: Get to know NOAA’s online educational resources— and let us know what you think!   CCC: 505
2:40PM Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies and Aloha ʻĀina Education: The Next Generation of Science Education Phillippe Fernandez-Brennan Hyatt Regency  - Centennial Ballroom G
2:40PM Every Rock Has A Story: Inspiring & Diversifying the Geosciences Through the Stories of the Earth
Prof. Ethan Baxter
Mile High Ballroom 1E
3:30PM Microfossils reveal secrets of Earth’s past
(International Ocean Discovery Program)
  CCC: 709
 4:00PM   NOAA Workshop 9: How to Teach Climate Change In Almost Any Classroom or  Grade   CCC: 505

Saturday: March 23rd
 Time  Title  Presenters  Room

 NOAA Workshop 10: Exploring the Hazardscape - A Teacher's Guide toConnecting Students to Their “Backyard” and Beyond

8:00AMGreat Ways to Connect the World to NGSS 
M. Jabot et al.CCC: 706
8:00AMNSTA Informal Science Education Share-a-thon - Every Rock Has A Story CCC Four Seasons Ballroom 2 
8:45AMAI Unleashed: Transforming Science Education D. RipolloneCCC:711
9:20AM EARTHX: Advancing Earth Science Instruction Across High School Life and Physical Science (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies) Alan Berkowitz et al.  Mile High Ballroom 4B
9:30AMFrozen Worlds Unveiled: A Journey from Classroom to Climate ChangeD. RipolloneMile High Ballroom 3C
11:40AMNOAA Workshop 11: NOAA in Your Classroom: Mapping the Ocean with Sound CCC: 505
 12:00PMFree Astronomy Resources to Support the NGSS from Rubin Observatory (Vera C. Rubin Observatory)Ardis HerroldExhibit Hall Poster Session 
 12:00PM  My NASA Data Resources 
(My NASA Data)

 A. Rizzi Exhibit Hall Poster Session 



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