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Coordinators - Appointed Officers

NESTA Merchandise Coordinator

Dr. George Bartuska

Lakeland, FL

Academic Advisor, USAF Civil Air Patrol

Prior Profession:
HS Science Teacher (12 yrs)

Engineer (25 yrs)

Engineering related to atmospheric science and oceanography


NAGT-TED Past President
State FL Space Foundation Teacher Liaison
Sea Perch Challenge Grant (5 yrs)
Motorola High-Altitude Balloon
Polk Ed Foundation Ocean Drifters Program

Dr. George Bartuska

Lakeland, FL

Coming Soon

Teacher Professional Opportunities Coordinator

Randall Sanders

Wallington, NJ
HS Teacher AP Environmental Science, Chemistry, STEM Explorations (6 Years)

Prior Profession:
Quality Control Manager for Airplane Parts Company

Land and Water Use, Climate Change
2015 GSA, National Conference,
Best Student Paper

I grew up spending a lot of time outdoors and developed a deep interest and love for nature. I had many opportunities to work in nature and make, what I believe, to be a difference . I wanted to share my love for nature and educate young adults about the beauty and complexities of their environment.

Field trip & Research Coordinator

Anthony Thomas

Garrett, IN
HS Geoscience Teacher, ES, Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics, Astronomy, Oceanography (17 yrs)


Engaging field trips
Geoscience society impacts (energy, economy & environment)

2020 NAGT Outstanding ES Teacher of year
9-day student road trip to Arizona
Student trip to AGU annual conference

I have always loved geology and seeing how our current landscape is a result of billions of years of geologic processes. I have recently become more passionate about building recognition for the geosciences so that it is viewed on the same level with the other sciences. I am excited for the opportunity to make a positive difference and impact in ESS education and can't wait to help teachers build partnerships with geoscience professionals.

Liaisons - Appointed Officers

Climate Change Liaison

Don Haas

Ithaca, NY

Director of Teacher Programming

Paleontological Research Institute

Prior Profession:
Professor of Teacher Education (10 yrs)

Science Teacher (9 yrs)

Climate & Energy education

Place-based, technology-rich geoscience education


Co-author: Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change
Co-authorThe Science Beneath the Surface: A Very Short Guide to the Marcellus Shale

In order to move wisely in this world and meet our civic responsibilities, we need to have good basic understandings of the Earth system & how humans influence that system. I'm passionate about working with people of all ages to foster those understandings & put them to use. The Earth & the study of it is also fascinating & beautiful

NASA Liaison

Angela (Angie) Rizzi

Surry, VA

Outreach Coordinator, NASA Langley Research Center

Prior Profession:
MS Science & HS ESS Teacher (10 yrs)


Air Quality and Clouds

Contributing authorMy NASA Data

Mentor for student air quality investigations— student project presented at AGU
Webinar series: Investigating GLOBE Air Quality from the Ground, to Clouds to Satellites

I love Earth science education because it is an opportunity to help learners understand our home and to foster stewardship of our environment. In addition, it enables the integration of so many concepts that it is perfect for phenomena based instruction

US Territories Liaison

Elizabeth 'Lilly' Torres-Rodriguez

Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

HS Science Teacher, ES, Environmental Sciences, Biology, Chemistry 

Prior Profession:
Environmental Specialist working with quality of oxidation lagoons in cattle

Environmental Topics


2018 Outstanding ES TeacherSoutheast Section

NASA Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium for DOE
Outstanding Science teacherCaribbean Region

Earth science knowledge enables us to think globally and act locally— to make sound decisions about issues important in our lives as individuals and citizens. People who understand how Earth systems work can make informed decisions about where to buy or build a home out of harm's way.

Liaisons - Executive & Directors

American Geosciences Institute
(AGI) Liaison

Missy Holzer, PhD

Somerset, NJ

Bio in Executive Leadership

National Science Teachers Association
(NSTA) Liaison

Dr. Rick Jones

Kapolei, HI

Bio in Executive Leadership

Earth Educators Rendezvous
(EER) Liaison

Enrique Reyes

Austin, TX

Bio in Board of Directors

National Association of Geoscience Teachers
(NAGT-TED) Liaison

Dr. George Bartuska

Lakeland, FL

Bio above

Geological Society of America
(GSA EdDiv) Liaison

Enrique Reyes

Austin, TX

Bio in Board of Directors

Rubin Observatory Liaison

Ardis Herrold

Oro Valley, AZ

Bio in Board of Directors

Community College Liaison

Position Open

K-5 Liaison

Andrea Mangold

Bio in Regional Leadership

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