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Energy & Resources -- Resources

Energy Interactive Tools

Natural Energy Sources


Simply amazing---Every biochemical reaction in your body in one place 

via @Roche

Earth / Sun Tool


Probably the coolest Interactive tool that explains:

seasons, sun angle, sun location/angle, solstices, etc.

Could play for HOURS! 

Nuclide Half Lives 3D Chart

Do you know your nuclide half-lives?

Interactive 3D chart by @SuperSubatomic

Most nuclides have half-lives within microsecond to minutes, very few have long-lived stability—really stand out!


Nuclear Blast in Your Area

Integrate current events/ #history with science & literacy

Interactive map -what happens if nuclear weapons fall in your backyard?

Dispel misconceptions

via @OutriderFdn


Water as a Resource


Water Use & Stress 

Have questions or teaching about Water Access, Resources & Sanitation?

All the info & interactive maps you could ever want and more

Lab: Water Master

Discussing Aquifers has never been easier & FUN

Interactive allow you to build & explain:

-Precipitation/droughts vs Ground water movement

-Rock layers


How much Water to Produce this Meal?

How much water does it take for your food?

Help #students be more responsible with natural resources!

Interactive guide to how much water it takes for a meal, part of CA's push for water conservation

Electricity Energy


US Energy Atlas

comprehensive reference interactive #map of energy infrastructure & resources from @EIAgov

-->Oil & pipeline

-->Renewable energy resources

-->What is your State using most?

EarthEngine Timelapse 

Have humans changed the Earth?

Timelapse any place on Earth!

Show Glaciers, lakes lowering, population growth

Including your own hometown!


Energy Flow Charts

Energy Flow charts for any US State 2010-17


Show % uses of solar, coal, wind, geothermal, nuclear, hydro, natural gas, petroleum, biomass

Compare between states or US as a whole


High-Adventure Science Energy module

What are our choices for supplying energy for the future? 

Interactive lesson allow you & #students to understand:

-The challenges with energy sources


-Constructing a scientific argument

 How US uses Electricity

Want to discuss the creation of electricity with students?

Interactive map discusses amounts & types of sources by @CarbonBrief

Scroll down: Graphes , data & discussion included

Wind Turbine Database

Want students to research #windpower?

@USGS Wind Turbine Database:

Play timelapse!

-Location -kW -project info -turbine info -year

So much to play/inferences

via @BerkeleyLab @AWEA

Human Population


Population Around the World

How is population changing across the World?

Interactive graphs that discuss population growth & the many issues that come along with it

Magnificent site

World Population Growth History

Need a way to show students how population growth has occurred?

This interactive #map is not just informative, but fun to play with

How America Uses Its Land

How We use our Land

Statistical measures show productivity in US

Harder to decipher is how US uses land to create wealth

Ask Ss the implications; how climate & history cause distribution

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