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Ecology Resources

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Ecology Interactive Tools

Ecology Models 


EcoTapestry of the World

Interactive map that helps explain ecology through:

Bioclimates, Landforms, Surface Rock Type, Landforms

Created by @USGS @Esri

Biome Viewer

Do you have endangered species in your own neighborhood?

Interactive BiomeViewer lets you discover Earth’s ecosystems

-historic climate data, wildlife, & more

-patterns of humans & agriculture changed planet since 1700

Biodiversity Mapping

Biodiversity throughout the world?

Beautiful/easy to read maps created/shared by Conservation scientist @nasa_space_ant

Terrestrial & marine animals based on data from @IUCN & @BirdLife_News

Human Impacts

Light Pollution Map

Interactive Light Pollution map (@googleearth overlay)



-have LED lights decreased or increased pollution?

-developed vs undeveloped countries

Images of Change

Explore a stunning gallery of countless before/after images showing our Earth in a state of flux

via @NASAClimate


Interested in the environmental impact of your area?

Interactive map answers your "?"

Includes multiple @Esri layers:

-Water Usage

-Land use for crops




Population Around
the World

How is population changing across the World?

Interactive graphs that discuss population growth & the many issues that come along with it

Magnificent site

Global Man-made
Impervious Surface

How much area is impervious man-made structures? (roads, lots, buildings etc)

@NASA Interactive map can bring good discussions into classroom:

Where does rain go?

How does this affect albedo? ecosystems?

World Population
Growth History

Need a way to show students how population growth has occurred?

This interactive #map is not just informative, but fun to play with

Phylum Impacts

 Hansen Global Forest Change

Show your class distribution of Forest canopy (>5m) around the World from


images characterizing global forest extent & change

Phenology Viz Tool

AMAZING interactive map from @USANPN

—studies animal/plant affects by season/#climate

-different species

-seasonal patterns

-interpreting graphs

So much to do! Great video tutorials

Spring Leaf Index

Plants 2020 Spring bloomed earlier in the 20 days early in the Southeast & 20 day slate in Northern US

Good Q&A session with students on what would cause this


Aquatic Macroinvertabrate

Need help having students study local streams and the life in them?

Check out these FREE Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Identification Cards

Easy to use, understand, if not just fun to learn more about the local watersheds


Use Sentinel live & historical data by using open source EOBrowser from @esa

Visualize data from numerous satellites & data sources instantly

Migration Motion

Migrations of birds, mammals & amphibians across Americas required as Earth increases in temp

Will human activities prevent their ability to reach hospitable climates?

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