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  • Articles in the Winter 2009 issue of The Earth Scientist , which focuses on Earth System science, include:

    • Five Activities for Differentiated Instruction on
      Human‑Induced Climate Change, by Al Dorsch, Tanya Furman, and Laura Guertin
    • Students’ Inquiry in and about the Earth Science
      Classroom, by Don Drozynski, Jenna Ellis, Tanya Furman, and Laura Guertin
    • Improving Comprehension of Geomorphic Concepts
      through Inquiry-Based Learning, by Jenna Ellis, Tanya Furman, Steve McAninch, and Heath Stout
    • Improving Earth Science Instruction with
      an Integrated Earth Systems Science Matrix, by Laura Charles, Cindy Klein, Marielle Narkiewicz, Laura Guertin, and Tanya Furman
    • Understanding the Rock Cycle Through a
      Choose Your Own Adventure® Classroom Activity, by Brad Hartwell, Ken Schoch, Laura Guertin, and Tanya Furman
    • The Rewards and Challenges of Integrating
      Graduate Student Teaching Fellows into the Middle
      and High School Classroom, by Wendy Nelson, Tanya Furman, and Laura Guertin
    • Integrating Google Earth with the QUEST for
      Earth Science Literacy, by Sara Neville and Laura Guertin
    • Designing Sustainable Communities:
      An Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching
      Earth Systems Science, by Jennifer Hoffman, Nicole Vishio, Meredith Bembenic, Laura Guertin, and Tanya Furman
    Price: $10.00
  • Articles in the Fall 2009 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

    • NESTA 2008 Membership Survey Results, Part 3: Member Concerns, Needs, and Trends, by Roberta Johnson
    • Why was New Orleans Built and Why Should it Be?, by JoAnn Burke
    • Understanding Climate – Celebrate Earth Science
      Week 2009, by Geoff Camphire
    • Shake it Up! Engaging Students in Engineering
      Problems and Experimental Design, by Michael Smith, Jan-Christopher Scharsig, and Rory Smith
    • Earthlearningidea – An initiative for the International
      Year of Planet Earth and beyond, by Chris King, Peter Kennett, and Elizabeth Devon
    • What Can High School Students Discover Experimentally
      about the Evolution of the Atmosphere?, by James Signorelli
    Price: $10.00
  • Articles in the Summer 2009 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

    • NESTA 2008 Membership Survey Results, Part 2: NESTA Resources and Programs, by Roberta Johnson
    • Linking the Geologic with the Biologic: Ecological Stewardship as a Means to Teach Geology Related to Coastal Land Loss, by Pamela Blanchard
    • Building a Model in the Classroom to Illustrate Human Interference with Sand Drift, by Hélder Pereira
    • Misconceptions in Astronomy: Identifying Them in Your Students and a New Teaching Resource to Help Address Them, by James McDonald
    • Creationism in the New Texas Standards for Earth
      and Space Science, by Steven Newton
    Price: $10.00
  • Articles in the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

    • Satellite Observations in Science Education, by Tommy Jasmin
    • Flying through Space: Developing Inquiry-Based
      Astronomy Curriculum Using World Wide Telescope, by Lisa Dettloff
    • Inspiring Students to Explore Science Careers on
      Earth and in Space, by Meredith Manning
    • Stellar Evolution: Cosmic Cycles of Formation
      and Destruction, by Donna Young
    • Southwest Astronomy 2008: An Arizona Field Adventure, by Ardis Herrold, Philip Becker, Tabby Eldredge, Linda Gardner,
      Jack Hentz and Linda Malone
    • What is the Quality of Your Nighttime Sky? by Kirsten Meymaris, Dennis Ward and Sandra Henderson
    • Google Sky in the Classroom, by Andrew Connolly,
      Tina Ornduff and Lior Ron
    Price: $10.00
  • Articles in the Winter 2008 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

    • Antarctica in High Definition, by Robert Bindschadler, Brian Campbell and Paul Przyborski
    • Polar Explorations in the Classroom via Windows
      to the Universe, by Lisa Gardiner, Roberta Johnson, Randy Russell, Teri Eastburn,
      Jennifer Bergman, Marina LaGrave, and Julia Genyuk
    • Circumpolar Permafrost Monitoring Program, by Kenji Yoshikawa
    • The Ship Creek Ice Mystery, an ArctiQuest
      Research Expedition, by Richard Shope
    • Frozen in Time: Many Choices for How to
      Teach Climate Change, by Lynne Cherry, Carol Malnor and Gary Braasch
    Price: $10.00
  • Articles in the Summer 2007 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

    • Earth Sciences & Sustainability, by Peggy Green,
    • The Biosphere: An Integral Part of the Planet
      and its Climate, by Lisa Gardiner
    • Earth Science Week, by Geoff Camphire
    • EarthStorm -Climatology, by Andrea Melvin
    • Earth Science is Real Life, by Bonnie Keller
    • Weather : Open the Windows, by WeatherBug Schools Program
    • Earthlearning Ideas across the Globe, by Chris King, Peter Kennett and Elizabeth Devon
    Price: $10.00


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