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  • Feeling the Heat - Part 2 Classroom Activity Kit includes the activity description (5 page) and one ore more sets of laminated reusable data cards (10 cards per set). Students analyze data about the history of Los Angeles heat waves in a kinesthetic way, learning that the increase in the average temperature and the number of heat waves parallels urban growth and global warming. Students look for patterns in the Los Angeles climate data and explore reasons for the patterns.

    Price: $11.99
  • Classroom activity kit includes Glaciers: Then and Now Activity Description, Student Worksheet, and one or more sets of laminated glacial image pairs from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

    Price: $14.99
  • Classroom activity kit includes CO2: How Much Do You Spew? Activity Description (4 pages), Student Worksheet (for reproducing), Teacher Answer Key, and one or more sets of re-useable laminated cards with 10 different family energy use scenarios. Good for 10 students per set or a larger group of students working in groups. Students learn how different lifestyle choices effect family energy use over a year.

    Price: $11.99
  • Students play the role of nitrogen atoms traveling through the nitrogen cycle. Classroom activity kit includes Traveling Nitrogen activity description, a Student Passport Worksheet (for making additional copies as needed), 10 dice, dice code and reservoir station sign instructions, 11 color laminated nitrogen station signs, stamp template instructions and 11 pages of color station stamps for gluing to Student Passports. This kit works for a class of 30 students. Stamp templates can be copied if additional stamps are needed.

    Price: $21.95

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