Earth Scientist, Volume XXX, Issue 1, Spring 2014


Articles in the Spring 2014 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

  • Estimating How Often Mass Extinctions Due to Impacts Occur on the Earth, by Bonnie Buratti
  • Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and Ocean Acidification, by Barbara Bruno and Johanna Wren
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  • Inspiring Future Scientists through Synergy between K-12 Classroom Learning and Water Cycle Research, by Emily Kellagher, David Noone, Lesley Smith, Aleya Kaushik, and Adriana Bailey
  • Exploring Seafloor Sediments Using Real Data, by Lawrence Krissek, Kristen St. John, Megan Jones, Kate Pound, and R. Mark Leckie
  • Polar Science and Engineering: Model for NGSS Practices, by Linda Morris
  • The Next Generation Science Standards: Opportunities for Earth Science Educators, by Michael Wysession
  • NOAA: Making Your Life Better Since 1807, by Peg Steffen, John McLaughlin, Atziri Ibanez, Ron Gird, Nina Jackson, LuAnn Dahlman, Frank Niepold, Bruce Moravchik, and Dan Pisut
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