The Earth Scientist, Volume XXIV, Issue 4, Fall/Winter 2008


Articles in the Fall/Winter 2008 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

  • Satellite Observations in Science Education, by Tommy Jasmin
  • Flying through Space: Developing Inquiry-Based
    Astronomy Curriculum Using World Wide Telescope, by Lisa Dettloff
  • Inspiring Students to Explore Science Careers on
    Earth and in Space, by Meredith Manning
  • Stellar Evolution: Cosmic Cycles of Formation
    and Destruction, by Donna Young
  • Southwest Astronomy 2008: An Arizona Field Adventure, by Ardis Herrold, Philip Becker, Tabby Eldredge, Linda Gardner,
    Jack Hentz and Linda Malone
  • What is the Quality of Your Nighttime Sky? by Kirsten Meymaris, Dennis Ward and Sandra Henderson
  • Google Sky in the Classroom, by Andrew Connolly,
    Tina Ornduff and Lior Ron
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