The Earth Scientist, Volume XXV, Issue 4, Winter 2009


This special issue of The Earth Scientist, which focuses on Earth System science, was sponsored by The Pennsylvania
State University TESSE Team. The issue features the work of middle and high
school teachers, and graduate and undergraduate students who have participated in
the TESSE program from 2006 - 2009. TESSE – Transforming Earth System Science Education – is an NSF-sponsored collaborative project
among scientists and educators from the University of New Hampshire, Dillard
University, Elizabeth City State University, and the Pennsylvania State University.
The teachers and students whose works appear in this journal come from across the
state of Pennsylvania and include veteran and new Earth Science teachers at both
private and public schools.

Articles in the Winter 2009 issue of The Earth Scientist , which focuses on Earth System science, include:

  • Five Activities for Differentiated Instruction on
    Human‑Induced Climate Change, by Al Dorsch, Tanya Furman, and Laura Guertin
  • Students’ Inquiry in and about the Earth Science
    Classroom, by Don Drozynski, Jenna Ellis, Tanya Furman, and Laura Guertin
  • Improving Comprehension of Geomorphic Concepts
    through Inquiry-Based Learning, by Jenna Ellis, Tanya Furman, Steve McAninch, and Heath Stout
  • Improving Earth Science Instruction with
    an Integrated Earth Systems Science Matrix, by Laura Charles, Cindy Klein, Marielle Narkiewicz, Laura Guertin, and Tanya Furman
  • Understanding the Rock Cycle Through a
    Choose Your Own Adventure® Classroom Activity, by Brad Hartwell, Ken Schoch, Laura Guertin, and Tanya Furman
  • The Rewards and Challenges of Integrating
    Graduate Student Teaching Fellows into the Middle
    and High School Classroom, by Wendy Nelson, Tanya Furman, and Laura Guertin
  • Integrating Google Earth with the QUEST for
    Earth Science Literacy, by Sara Neville and Laura Guertin
  • Designing Sustainable Communities:
    An Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching
    Earth Systems Science, by Jennifer Hoffman, Nicole Vishio, Meredith Bembenic, Laura Guertin, and Tanya Furman
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