The Earth Scientist, Volume XXVI, Issue 2, Summer 2010


Our 2010 Summer issue of The Earth Scientist includes six articles dealing with various aspects of Earth Science. An article from NOAA details how lake effect snow can, under the right conditions, actually occur on the narrow Mississippi River. Another article describes how you can turn your classroom into a low-budget planetarium. Next we include a primer on satellites and their use in oceanography. You will really "dig" the article, complete with lesson plans and worksheets, describing how to do an archaeological dig in your own classroom. Another article summarizes and analyzes the GEMS Program and its use in teaching hands-on Astronomy. Last, but definitely not least, an article which provides enlightening information on the global warming debate.

Articles in the Summer 2010 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

  • River Enhanced Snow Bands on the Mississippi River, by Andy Ervin
  • Low Budget Planetarium: A Classroom Model of the Night Sky, by Missy Holzer
  • A Primer on Satellite Oceanography, by Dr. Michael Passow
  • Using the Sciences of Geology and Archaeology to Bring Inquiry into the Classroom, by Shelly Anne Witham
  • GEMS Space Science Sequence: Making the Intangible Aspects of Astronomy Hands-on Using an Inquiry Approach, by Dr. James T. McDonald
  • As Evidence Grows, Will the Climate Debate Slow?, by Teri Eastburn
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