The Earth Scientist, Volume XXVI, Issue 1, Spring 2010


This very special issue of The Earth Scientist (our biggest ever!) is sponsored by the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and is focused on the world's oceans. The articles, by teachers, scientists, and science educators from across the country, cover a range of topics - polar research, coral reefs, ocean acidification, air-sea interactions, climate research, the Census of Marine Life, ocean drilling, and information on cutting edge observatory initiatives. The issue contains a gorgeous full color, 2'x6' poster developed by the University of Washington's Center for Environmental Visualization illustrating ocean processes and observatories.

Articles in the Spring 2010 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

  • NOAA's Adopt a Drifter Program: Track Your Drifting Buoy Along with Students Abroad, by Diane M. Stanitski, NOAA Climate Program Office, Climate Observation Division
  • NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program: Living and Learning at Sea, by Elizabeth McMahon and Jennifer Hammond, NOAA's Teacher at Sea Program
  • Seeking Salt: NASA Aquarius to Fill Void in Ocean-Climate Understanding, by Annette deCharon, University of Maine School of Marine Sciences
  • The Bridge: An Ocean of Free Education Resources, by Christopher Petrone, Virginia Sea Grant Marine Extension Program
  • The Census of Marine Life: Bringing a Decade of Global Research into the Classroom, by Celia Cackowski, Office of Marine Programs, University of Rhode Island
  • Coral Reefs: An Introduction and Educational Opportunities, by Paulo Maurin, NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program
  • Using Ocean Observing Systems in the Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE), by Janice McDonnel (Rutgers University), Annette deCharon (University of Maine), and Cheryl Peach (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)
  • The MATE Center Prepares Students for Ocean-Related Technology Careers, by Jill Zande and Caroline Brown, Marine Advanced Technology Center, Monterey Peninsula College
  • Aboard the JOIDES Resolution with the School of Rock!, by Joe Monaco, Redlands East Valley High School
  • Linking Introductory Chemistry and the Geosciences through Ocean Acidification, by Sarah Cooley and Heather Benway, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Breaking Ice, Building Knowledge: The Benefits of Ship-Based Teacher Research Experiences, by Dolores Garay (Redd School), Janet Warburton (Polar TREC), and Kristin Timm (Arctic Research Consortium of the US)
  • A Fiber-Optic Telescope to the Deep Sea, by Nancy Penrose, Regional Scale Nodes Program, University of Washington

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