The Earth Scientist, Volume XXVII, Issue 2, Summer 2011


This Summer 2011 issue of The Earth Scientist is the second special issue sponsored by the Penn State University, TESSE team! Transforming Earth System Science Education (TESSE) was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF GEOTeach Award #0631377) with Penn State as one of four institutions involved in intensive and sustained teacher professional development, targeting the teaching and learning of Earth system science.

Articles in the Summer 2011 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

  • Now What? Experienced Teachers Reflect on Their Unplanned Transitions to Teach Earth Science, by Tanya Furman, Laura Guertin and Megan Pickard
  • Engaging Students in Learning Ecosystem-Based Biogeochemical Cycles, by Holly Cole,Tanya Furman, Laura Guertin and Chira Endress Cratsley,
  • Eliminating Students' Misconceptions of Radioactive Decay and Radiometric Dating Through Hands-On Activities by Brenda Shafer, Chira Endress Cratsley and Tanya Furman
  • Dispelling Middle School Student Misconceptions of Grand Canyon Formation Through Hands-On Activities by Kathleen Tait, Megan Pickard, Laura Guertin and Tanya Furman
  • Promoting Geographic Literacy of African Environments Through Map Exercises by Chira Endress Cratsley, Laura Guertin and Tanya Furman
  • Three Guided Student Explorations of Sky in Google Earth by Sara Neville and Laura Guertin
  • Using Student Choice in a Solar System Unit to Increase Positive Classroom Behavior Near the End of the School Year by Sarah JM Gajeski, Nancy Miller and Megan Pickard
  • Classroom Integration of Earth and Space Science News Stories Through Audio by Laura Guertin
  • Ten Examples of Utilizing Existing Gigapixel Panoramas in the Earth and Space Science Classroom by Sara Neville and Laura Guertin
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