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Great Dayton Flood Inquiry Unit: Celebrating the Centennial of a Defining Flood in American History Christina O’Malley and Kurtz Miller, Fall 2015 issue.

Engaging Students in West Virginia in the Science of the Sun and Space Weather Amy M. Keesee, Carol Coryea and Todd Ensign, Spring 2015 issue.

Our Daily Mini-Tsunamis: Plastic in the Ocean Kathleen Register, winter 2014 issue.

Exploring the Efficacy and Engagement of a Glacial Melting Simulation Satyugjit Singh Virk, Margaret Turrin and Lenin Compres, Fall 2014 issue.

Engaging Audiences About Rain, Snow and Storms: The Global Precipitation Measurement Mission's Rain EnGAUGE by Kristen Weaver, Dorian Janney and Hilarie Davis, Summer 2014 issue.

NOAA: Making Your Life Better Since 1807 by Peg Steffen, John McLaughlin, Atziri Ibanez, Ron Gird, Nina Jackson, LuAnn Dahlman, Frank Niepold, Bruce Moravchik and Dan Pisut, Spring 2014 issue.

Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and Ocean Acidification by Barbara C. Bruno and Johanna L.K. Wren, Spring 2014 issue.

C-MORE Professional Development Training Program for Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Researchers by Barbara C. Bruno, Jacqueline Padilla-Gamiño and Fabio De Leo, Fall 2013 issue.

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