Submission of Notices to E-News

NESTA offers organizations with opportunities, resources, or events relevant to classroom K-12 Earth and space science teachers the opportunity to submit notices to our monthly newsletter. Our newsletter is published about the 15th of each month. To ensure your notice makes it into the next issue of E-News, please be sure to submit your request by the 1st of the month to the NESTA Executive Director, Dr. Roberta Johnson. We will promptly get back to you to let you know if your submission has been accepted or not, and let you know the fee required for inserting the notice in E-News.

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Current NESTA E-News

Check our recent issue of E-News (members only) for updates on NESTA activities, events at upcoming conferences, opportunities, new resources, and more! This month's issue includes:
  • International Year of Soils - Soils Support Buildings/Infrastructure
  • AGI-NAGT Summit on the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Get More from Your NESTA Membership: Images
  • Do Your Students Deserve ES Awards?
  • National Academies Press Help for Implementing the NGSS
  • Michele Svoboda Honored by NAGT
  • Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Summer STEM Institute
  • NESTA seeks a new Executive Director
  • Energy Literacy - A Free Classroom Resource
  • Earth Science Week 2015 Contests Announced
  • Beyond the Bomb - The World's Nuclear Watchdog Expands Its Science
  • 2015 World Oceans Day on June 8 - What are YOUR ocean questions?
  • Selfie to Space
  • Amber-Encased Specimen Could Be Oldest Known Grass