NESTA offers a monthly newsletter, NESTA E-News, which is sent out monthly to members through email. NESTA E-News includes updates from the NESTA President, Executive Director, and Secretary, as well as occasional updates from members of the NESTA Executive Committee and Board. NESTA E-News provides highlights about our upcoming events, news about opportunities for NESTA members (such as classroom resources, professional development opportunities, field conferences and field trips), opportunities for NESTA members to get involved in NESTA, and brief introductions to NESTA leaders.

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Current NESTA E-News

Check our recent issue of E-News (members only) for updates on NESTA activities, events at upcoming conferences, opportunities, new resources, and more! This month's issue includes:
  • Project Dragonfly is now accepting applications for 2018
  • Conference Season is Upon Us
  • Apply to be a NOAA Planet Steward Today!
  • Earth Games for Earth Science Teaching!
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to Send The Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Climate Change to Every Science Teacher!
  • Bill Nye Science Guy
  • CLEAN Webinars
  • Science Without Borders Challenge Art Competition
  • Present at the NSTA Fall Share-a-Thon in New Orleans
  • CLEAN Learning Activity: Reason for the Seasons
  • Nominate Yourself for a NESTA Leadership Position
  • Make a Difference in Earth Science Education by Supporting NESTA
  • Seasons and Ecliptic Simulator