Partnerships with NESTA

Many organizations and programs are looking for effective ways to reach Earth and space science educators, to share information about their resources, programs, products, and opportunities. NESTA offers numerous ways that organizations seeking to reach Earth and space science teachers can partner with us to reach this important community of educators.

These include:

  • Using NESTA's publications to make announcements or place advertising about products, services, programs, and resources. Information about these opportunities are available in our Media Kit.[Note: This page is currently under revision to reflect our current leadership.]

    NESTA's publications include:

  • Collaboration on science education and outreach projects, leveraging our expertise on Earth and space science education and our large network of Earth and space science teachers.
  • Partnerships with the Windows to the Universe project - one of the most effective global Earth and space science education projects available today, with over 14 million users annually. Windows to the Universe offers a number of different partnership opportunities, including Affiliate Partnerships, Contributing Partnerships, Institutional Partnerships, and Founding Partnerships, each of which provide special opportunities for your organization to leverage our existing infrastructure, network, content, and large audience in support of your science education and outreach needs.
  • NESTA Program Sponsorships, in which organizations which share our passion for Earth and space science education, and which seek to improve Earth and space science education through exemplary educational resources and professional development for teachers provide support our programs offered at conferences nationwide. See sponsorship opportunities available for the Spring NSTA conference in Chicago in March 2015.

For more information about these opportunities, contact NESTA Executive Director, Dr. Carla McAuliffe, at

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