Open Access to Articles in The Earth Scientist

NESTA offers authors of articles in The Earth Scientist the opportunity to make their articles openly available to everyone, irrespective of membership in NESTA. With Open Access, the article will be made available to anyone on the NESTA website. The author may also post the formatted and published article, in PDF form, on their own website, on other third-party website article repositories, and circulate their article via electronic means such as email. NESTA retains copyright of the article with Open Access, and permission from NESTA must be obtained for uses other than those outlined in the copyright agreement.

The fee to sponsor this open access depends on the length of the article, and whether the author has chosen to honor page charges. The Open Access Fee structure is given below.

  • For authors who have agreed to pay page charges - $75/page, in addition to page charges
  • For authors who are not paying page charges - $200/page

The option to choose to provide Open Access to your article will be made available once your article has been accepted for publication. Author's decisions regarding providing Open Access to their article and payment of page charges is not considered in NESTA's decisions to publish an article. Authors interested in providing Open Access to their articles should contact NESTA to make these arrangements.

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