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Welcome to the Arkansas Geological Survey. Their mission is to serve the people of the Great State of Arkansas by providing geological information in order to develop and enable effective management of the State’s mineral, fossil fuel, and water resources while protecting the environment. The AGS collects and disperses geologic data to its users: (the public, education, industry and government). This data consists of geologic maps, historical data concerning resources, various datasets, both paper and some electronic-based. The data is available either as published or unpublished reports, summaries, open-file reports, and maps. Summaries relative to specific resources are posted online as are completed electronic databases and spreadsheets.

Educators will find multiple Educational Resources including teaching packets, rock packets, activities, teaching kits, and workshops. The quick links to rock charts and to earthquake activities are very useful to Earth Science teachers at all levels. Additionally the Arkansas Geological Survey participates in educational outreach activities, visiting schools and leading fieldtrips for students and geology clubs. For further information please contact Susan Young, (501) 296-1877, or email:ags@

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Arkansas Geol. Survey
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