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Think all life survives on the same few elements? Think again. The Why Files takes a look at arsenic eating bacteria:

Arizona currently boasts a top rated earth science museum, the Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum which includes K-12 education programs. Arizona governor is eliminating this museum, but NOT to cut cost as people will assume. Millions are being spent to convert it into the Arizona Centennial Museum which will feature cotton, cows, etc. K-12 earth science education will be badly damaged. The mineral museum is still open, but only because the Arizona Historical Society has not yet raised enough money to convert it to the Arizona Centennial Museum featuring cotton, cows, etc.

The University of California eliminated the Earth Sciences from the “d” laboratory science requirements for enrollment in UC schools.

The National Wildlife Federation has developed a site on the BP oil spill for teachers that we may want to consider linking to sooner than our normal process. It includes a section of questions and answers on what kids are asking about the spill.

The recent tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico is one that everyone including our students is embracing. Visit this link to keep on top of this disaster as it unfolds and hopefully ends soon.

Eyjafjallajokull, a stratovolcano in Iceland is still erupting, spewing volcanic ash that is spreading across Europe and has grounded most airline flights in Europe.

Volcanic ash is a major hazard to plane engines.

The National Park Service is waiving entrance fees, so visitors can enjoy all 392 national parks for free April 17-25.

Find a park near you at

Visit the April 16, 2010 issue (Volume 328; Number 5976)of AAAS's Science for "Telescopes for the People" by John Bohannon. The article celebrates the initiative to distribute 140,000 Galileoscopes and mentioned NESTA's assistance in that initiative! Hat's off to NESTA President-elect Ardis Herrold for all her work in coordinating NESTA's role in distributing the telescopes.

NESTA is delighted to announce that the Windows to the Universe project will be joining NESTA as its new home.

There was a earthquake on February 27 at 06:34:14 UTC with magnitude 8.8 off of the Chilean coast at Maule, Chile.


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