NESTA Discussion Forum Help and Guidelines

Welcome to the NESTA Discussion Forum. Anyone can read the messages shown here, but the right to post topics for discussion and participate in discussion forums is reserved to current NESTA members. If you're not a member of NESTA, join today! Important - see our Posting Guidelines below!

When you click into the NESTA Discussion Forum page, you will see a list of discussion topics. NESTA members can reply to existing topics, or create new discussion topics. To create a new topic, click the "Post new forum topic" button - this will bring you to a new screen where you can post your message. You will need to provide a subject for your discussion thread, for example, "Suggestions for NESTA events".

Type your message in the large Message Box. When you have finished, you can preview your message before you submit it. To do this, select the "Preview" button under the Message Box. When you are happy with how your message looks, just scroll down a bit and select "Save". If you aren't happy with your message and want to change something, you can edit it by simply typing the changes in the Message Box. You can preview as often as you like.

Once you submit your message it will appear in the selected Forum.

To get back to the Main Forum Index at any time simply click the NESTA Forums link on the top of the page.

How to reply to someone else's post

When you are reading the post in question, NESTA members may select the "Reply" button after the message or any of the comments to it. This will bring you into a new screen with a Message Box where you can post your reply. Once you are in the Message Box, continue the same as above.

Posting Guidelines

Keep in mind that this is a discussion board for NESTA members. Posts that are rude, inappropriate, or off-topic will be removed. Commercial advertisement unrelated to NESTA activities or links to unrelated sites are not allowed and will be deleted. Members who break these rules repeatedly may be banned from posting.

Please do not post the same message more than once and make sure it's relevant to the forum topic you post it in. Do not post personal information like addresses or phone numbers (these will be removed). If you have any questions or comments about these posting guidelines, you may contact us.

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