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For an Earth and Space Science teacher, part of the excitement of attending an NSTA conference on Science Education is participating in the NESTA Rock and Mineral Raffle where participants purchase chances to win awesome rock and mineral specimens from all around the world! Proceeds from the Rock and Mineral Raffle assists NESTA in keeping our dues low, making these events a win-win for teachers and NESTA!

We are always in search of specimens for our Rock and Mineral Raffles, and there are plenty of nice specimens out there looking for a good home. Search your collection for duplicates, call your local rock and mineral club, and call the geology department of your local college or university for donations. Don’t worry if your specimens are "common" since common is a relative term. Participants in the Rock and Mineral Raffle come from around the country including locations where hard-rock bedrock cannot be found and have little in the way of sedimentary formations. Educators are always looking for quality hand samples for their students. If you are donating, please be sure that you label each specimen with what is known about it such as the identity, its origin, who collected it, uses, etc.

Rock and Mineral Raffles are also billed as a give-away. If you have samples that you think educators would enjoy having for their classrooms, please send those as well. In the past we have given away sand samples and state-stones, books, maps, and other resources that are likely to be useful to Earth and Space Science teachers. If you do have items for the give-away please provide proper identification by using the specimen labels.

There are a couple of different ways to get the samples to NESTA for the Rock and Mineral Raffles. One way is to carry the samples to the conference (if a very small number of specimens), and the other way is to ship them to one of our designated receivers. Please get in touch with our Rock and Mineral Raffle Coordinator, Parker Pennington IV at before mailing a donation to the NESTA Rock and Mineral Raffle. The USPS has flat rate Priority Boxes (2-3 days delivery) that as they say, "Any weight (up to 70 pounds), any State." At this rate you can afford to send lots. The boxes are free from your post office.

NESTA arranges for a local person to receive your shipment (the "receiver" mentioned above) and see that the raffle specimens arrive safely at the NESTA Rock Raffle. The receivers for each NESTA Rock Raffle are available on our Receivers page. Please send items directly to the Receiver(s) at the address indicated. Be sure to allow enough time for shipping. If you are personally bringing the specimens to the conference please contact one of our Rock and Mineral Coordinators (e-mails above) to arrange on site delivery.

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