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NESTA sponsors a number of events and activities including summer field trips and workshops. We participate in the conferences of our affiliations such as GSA (Geological Society of America) and AGU (American Geophysical Union). Watch your ENews and this website for more news of upcoming events and activities.

Geological Society of American Baltimore Conference 1 - 4 Nov
General Conference Information

Saturday, 31 Oct: 420. K–12 Earth Science Educators Trip to the National Museum of Natural History. US$28. *Transportation Not Included. Cosponsors: Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History; National Earth Science Teachers Association.
Leaders: Michael J. Passow, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History; Adam Blankenbicker.

Topical Sessions sponsored by: National Earth Science Teachers Association

T25. An Early Involvement of Undergraduates and K–12 Students in Geological Research Brings a Strong Sense of Ownership and Achievement for Young Researchers (Posters)
Nazrul I. Khandaker. Undergraduates and K–12 students interested in demonstrating their research skills pertaining to broad geosciences, engineering geology, environmental, and sedimentology/geomorphology topics and receive professional feedback from the participating attendees are encouraged to consider this topical session.

T66. Beginning a New Era in Earth Science Education: The Role of Geoscience in Implementing the Next Generation Science Standards
Michael J. Passow, Michael E. Wysession, Jacqueline E. Huntoon, Emily E. Gochis, Alexandria Guth, Ashley E. Miller
Representatives from school districts, professional societies, teacher training programs, and informal science institutions share examples of incorporating the geosciences to integrate disciplinary core ideas, cross-cutting concepts, engineering practices, and holistic thinking into emerging NGSS-aligned programs.

T80. Integrating Students with Learning Differences into a Geoscience Curriculum: Examples, Strategies, and Lessons
N.P. Lang, Lyman P. Persico
This session aims to increase the teaching strategies for geoscience educators working with students with a learning difference by drawing upon the previous experiences of both educators and students.

T85. Preparing Pathways in K–12 Classrooms for Tomorrow’s Diverse Geoscience Workforce: Teachers, Students, and Communities
Marilyn J. Suiter, Keith A. Sverdrup
This session will provide examples of teacher preparation programs that support the development of STEM teacher- and administrator-leaders who establish classroom learning environments that reflect diversity and multiculturalism in K–12 STEM education.

T86. Research on Teaching and Student Learning in the K–12 Earth Science Classroom
Laura A. Guertin, Tanya Furman
Addressing global challenges and science literacy begins with K–12 earth-science teaching. This session will share research, tested instructional resources, models, and tools to enhance the content knowledge and skills of K–12 earth-science teachers and students.

AGU Fall Meeting 2015 San Francisco 13 - 18 Dec
AGU-NESTA GIFT (Geoscience Information For Teachers) Workshops
Monday, 14 December – Tuesday, 15 December, 7:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.
Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop (2 days)
GIFT Workshops allow science teachers to hear about the latest geoscience research from the scientists making the discoveries, explore new classroom resources for their students, and visit exhibits and technical sessions for free. AGU collaborates with the National Earth Science Teachers’ Association (NESTA) to host GIFT workshops at Fall Meeting.

Registration for the GIFT Workshops AND THE ENTIRE AGU FALL MEETING is FREE TO K - 12 TEACHERS. In the link above, click on "Programs and Events," then "Ticketed Events and Workshops" for more details.

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