11 to noon - NESTA Atmospheres, Oceans, and Climate Change Share-a-Thon

Join more than 20 NESTA members and other education specialists as they share their favorite classroom activities. Lots of free handouts!

We're sorry, but we already have 36 presenters for this event, and cannot include any additional presenters to this Share-a-Thon. We do still have space for presenters in our Earth System Science Share-a-Thon, and invite you to apply to present in this event, which follows the Atmospheres, Ocean, and Climate Change Share-a-Thon in the same room, starting at 12:30 pm Friday (see below).

Presenter(s): Tamara Shapiro Ledley (TERC: Cambridge, MA); Liesl Hotaling (University of Rhode Island: Narragansett, RI); Michelle Harris (Wakefield High School: Arlington, VA); Ardis Herrold (National Earth Science Teachers Association: Plymouth, MI); Roberta M. Johnson (National Earth Science Teachers Association: Boulder, CO); Tim McCollum (Eastern Illinois University: Charleston, IL); Jean Pennycook (National Science Foundation: Arlington, VA); Lynn S. Blaney (Earth System Science Education Alliance: Arlington, VA); Teresa Kennedy (UCAR GLOBE Satellite Office: Tyler, TX); Nandini McClurg (UCAR GLOBE Satellite Office: Tyler, TX); Nathan Hobbs (Boulder High School: Boulder, CO); Todd Ellis (SUNY Oneonta: Oneonta, NY); Bora Simmons (National Project for Excellence in Environmental Education: Eugene, OR); Susan W. Moore (SSAI/NASA Langley Research Center: Hampton, VA); Margie Turrin (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: Palisades, NY); Kira A. Nugnes (American Meteorological Society: Washington, DC); Jennifer A. Collins (Consortium for Ocean Leadership: Washington, DC); Amy Work (IAGT at Cayuga Community College, Inc.: Auburn, NY); Robin Goettel (University of Illinois: Urbana, IL); Paige Graff (Jacobs/ESCG/NASA Johnson Space Center: Houston, TX); Annette L. Brickley (Challenger Center for Space Science Education: Mattapoisett, MA); Ginger Butcher (NASA/Sigma Space: Beltsville, MD); Becca Hatheway (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research: Boulder, CO); Taylor Dufford (Cherry Creek High School: Greenwood Village, CO); Margaret E. Mooney (University of Wisconsin: Madison, WI); Carole J. Reesink (Bemidji State University: Bemidji, MN)

Venue name if any: 
Westin Indianapolis, Grand Ballroom 5
Fee for participation: 
none, except for registration for the NSTA conference
Friday, March 30, 2012 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

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