9:30 - 10:30 am NESTA Geology Share-a-Thon

Join more than 20 NESTA members and other education specialists as they share their favorite classroom activities. Lots of free handouts!

Presenter(s): Holly L. Yoder (Pierre Moran Middle School: Elkhart, IN); Brian Poelker (Eastern Illinois University: Charleston, IL); Tim McCollum (Eastern Illinois University: Charleston, IL); Michelle Harris (Wakefield High School: Arlington, VA); Ardis Herrold (National Earth Science Teachers Association: Plymouth, MI); Roberta M. Johnson (National Earth Science Teachers Association: Boulder, CO); Eric Muller (Exploratorium: San Francisco, CA); Lynn S. Blaney (Earth System Science Education Alliance: Arlington, VA); Robert J. Myers (Earth System Science Education Alliance: Arlington, VA); Alyson Wasko (Montclair High School: Montclair, NJ); Jim Sirch (Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History: New Haven, CT); Mark Francek (Central Michigan University: Mount Pleasant, MI); Susan Chapman (Soil Science Society of America: Madison, WI); Lynne H. Hehr (University of Arkansas: Fayetteville, AR); Jennifer A. Collins (Consortium for Ocean Leadership: Washington, DC); Paige Graff (Jacobs/ESCG/NASA Johnson Space Center: Houston, TX); Carole J. Reesink (Bemidji State University: Bemidji, MN)

Venue name if any: 
Westin Indianapolis, Grand Ballroom 5
Fee for participation: 
none, except for registration for the NSTA conference
Friday, March 30, 2012 - 9:30am to 10:30am

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