Fees for Submitting Notices to E-News

The fee for submission is based on the for-profit or non-profit status of the product, program, or event being announced. Products, programs, or events that can only be obtained or participated in for a fee to participants will be charged a $50.00 fee to have their notice included in NESTA E-News. Products, programs, or events that are accessible for free to participants will not be charged a fee to have their notice included in NESTA E-News. Once submitters have been notified of the fee for publication of their notice in E-News, they will be directed to our website for online payment. Payment must be received before notices will be included in E-News.

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Current NESTA E-News

Check our recent issue of E-News (members only) for updates on NESTA activities, events at upcoming conferences, opportunities, new resources, and more! This month's issue includes:
  • Promoting Access for Students & Geoscientists with Disabilities: The IAGD
  • Columbia Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Open House 2014
  • Free Course: Climate Change Science and Negotiations
  • New Editors for "The Earth Scientist"
  • Join Us for NESTA Events at the NSTA Fall Area Conferences
  • Smithsonian Science How? Webcasts
  • Nominations are Now Open for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
  • EARTH: Virtual Water - Tracking the Unseen Water in Goods and Resources
  • Watch a New Webcast on Earth Science Week 2014
  • National Earth Science Teachers Association Workshops at the Richmond Virginia NSTA on October 17
  • EARTH: How the Spanish Invasion Altered the Peruvian Coast
  • Send Your Name to Mars
  • The Geoscience Community Honors the Man Who Shook Up Earthquake Science
  • Celebrate National Fossil Day on October, 15 2014
  • Windows to Adventure: Venus the Morning Star Wins Mom's Choice Silver Medal Award!
  • World Stands By As Algae and Dead Zones Ruin Water
  • National Earth Science Teachers Association Events at the Orlando, Florida NSTA on November 4 & 7
  • Digital Earth Watch and Picture Post Network
  • American Meteorological Society Industry Minority Scholarships
  • NESTA at GSA Vancouver
  • EARTH: Santiaguito Volcano's Clockwork Behavior Provides an Exceptional Laboratory
  • AGU’s Live Education Activity Resource Network (LEARN)
  • NESTA Website Features
  • Climate Smart & Energy Wise