Fees for Submitting Notices to E-News

The fee for submission is based on the for-profit or non-profit status of the product, program, or event being announced. Products, programs, or events that can only be obtained or participated in for a fee to participants will be charged a $50.00 fee to have their notice included in NESTA E-News. Products, programs, or events that are accessible for free to participants will not be charged a fee to have their notice included in NESTA E-News. Once submitters have been notified of the fee for publication of their notice in E-News, they will be directed to our website for online payment. Payment must be received before notices will be included in E-News.

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Current NESTA E-News

Check our recent issue of E-News (members only) for updates on NESTA activities, events at upcoming conferences, opportunities, new resources, and more! This month's issue includes:
  • Apply for a Travel Stipend to Attend the Earth Educators' Rendezvous 2017
  • NESTA Endorses the March For Science this Earth Day
  • March for Continued Access to Earth Science Data
  • High-Adventure Science Space Module
  • Apply for Project Atmosphere
  • Apply for The Maury Project
  • NESTA-Sponsored Field Trip to Iceland
  • EER Workshop: Using Recreational Drones for STEM Explorations
  • Dr. Lucy Jones: American Geophysical Union (AGU) Lecture: The Fault Lies Not in Our Stars
  • It is not too late to present at one of our NESTA Share-a-Thons in Los Angeles, CA!
  • The Teacher-Friendly Guideā„¢ to the Earth Science of the Southwestern U.S.