Grants, Contests, Fellowships

There are many opportunities for teachers in the form of grants, contests, and fellowships, and as these opportunities are announced, we will use the space below to post the announcement. If you have any questions about any of these opportunities please contact the sponsoring agency which may not be NESTA. Check back often as we will update this page as announcements are available.

Grants for Teachers
Check out the grant opportunities posted here for your chance to win an award for your proposal. Pay close attention to the proposal requirements. If you have any questions about the application process, contact the sponsoring agency, not NESTA. Good Luck!

MESTA Stoney Award - The Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association is offering a mini-grant (up to $500) to support student-centered Earth Science activities for NESTA members. For mini-grant details and the application form go to:

These fellowships are financial awards for individuals to expand their educational background.

Scholarships and Internships for Students
Students, these opportunities will assist you in your educational endeavors or career path. Pay close attention to all the rules and deadlines. Good Luck!

The contests listed below are for a myriad of prizes. Pay attention to the contest rules, and contact the sponsoring agency if you have any questions.

  • Contests for Students
    Build something, create something, and write something, etc; there are contests for everyone. Check out the contest rules and prizes.
    • Science Fairs
      Science Fairs have specific objectives for their competitions. Check them out and compete for a prize.
    • Design Challenges
      Design Challenges, in which students compete to design something that can complete a specific task according to specific requirements, are sometimes for individuals, and sometimes for teams of students. Try your talents on a fun contest like the design challenges listed below.
  • Contests for Teachers
    Teachers, compete with your students, or compete with other teachers for prizes in the contests listed below.

Student Engagement Opportunities
These opportunities are for students to raise money for Earth Science related events or activities.

  • Fundraising
    Check out these fundraising opportunities to raise money for that special project or that once in a life-time opportunity for you and your group.
  • Travel to places like Space Camp
    Apply for money available to support student travel to places like Space Camp.

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