Presenting at a NESTA Share-a-Thon

Presenting at a share-a-thon is not the same as a "talk" in front of your colleagues. Instead, share-a-thon attendees circulate through the session (of 1 hour duration), coming by a table and chair that NESTA provides presenters. This gives you a brief opportunity to share your activity with attendees, explaining how it works and your experience with students, and also to get to know your colleagues a bit. Share-a-thons are typically attended by close to 250 teachers at a national meeting. The environment has been variously described as a round robin, a flea market, and a feeding frenzy!

If you are interested in presenting at one or more of our upcoming Share-a-thons, please apply here, and we will be in touch with you soon. Share-a-thons provide a great opportunity to share your activities at a national share-a-thon and simultaneously have a chance to meet an extended group of your colleagues in a professional meeting setting. Some school administrators are more likely to agree to allow you to attend the conference if you are a presenter, so this can also be a good way to attend an NSTA meeting

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