Guidelines for Affiliation with NESTA

State, local or regional Earth Science Teacher Associations (ESTAs) are invited to apply for affiliation with NESTA by meeting the following conditions:

  1. Notify, by letter signed by the chief officer, that the association has declared intention to become a NESTA Affiliated Association.
  2. Provide NESTA with a copy of the association’s articles of operation such as their constitution and bylaws.
  3. Provide a list of present officers, their addresses and relevant phone numbers.
  4. Provide a financial statement indicating sources of income and the nature of expenditures.
  5. Provide indication of the Affiliates dues structure.
  6. The above materials should be mailed to the current NESTA president.

Groups affiliated with NESTA will:

  1. Designate one person who shall be the association’s official liaison with NESTA.
  2. This person shall be responsible for:

    1.1 Supplying an up to date & current list of the officers of the affiliate

    1.2 Providing a one page annual financial statement.

    1.3 Submitting an annual one-page report on the association’s accomplishments. (This should include such information as meetings, field conferences, publications, liaisons with other teacher associations, and so on.

    1.4 Notifying NESTA of any changes in the association’s articles of operation when they occur.

  3. Affiliates agree to appoint a representative to Affiliate Association Meeting(s) that will take place by way of teleconference.
  4. Affiliates agree to link their home page to the NESTA web site.
  5. Affiliates agree to provide their members with a NESTA membership form and other NESTA promotional literature at least once annually.

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