ESTAs Affiliated With NESTA

The following state ESTAs (listed alphabetically) are currently affiliated with NESTA. We encourage you to check them out and become involved with the organization that you are closest to.

  • Indiana Earth Science Teachers Association (IESTA)

  • Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association (MESTA)

    MESTA was established in the spring of 1967 at Lansing Community College by a group of 20 educators interested in promoting Earth Science education in Michigan. We now represent over 250 members throughout Michigan. MESTA holds an annual conference alternating between a late summer conference in August and an early October conference every other year. Other MESTA events have included "Evenings of Earth Science", "Saturday Samplers" and "Stalking the Wild Quarry". Our website includes a calendar of events. You can contact us through our website at

  • New York Earth Science Teachers Association (NYESTA)

  • Ohio Earth Science Teachers Association (OESTA)

  • Pennsylvania Earth Science Teachers Association (PAESTA)

    PAESTA was established in 2011. Our mission is to facilitate and advance excellence in Earth and Space science education across the state of Pennsylvania, and our vision is to create a strong and active community of Pennsylvania educators working together to elevate the understanding of and respect towards the Earth and Space sciences as a discipline. Our membership includes over 300 formal and informal educators, from pre-service teachers and university faculty, to government employees and members of non-profit organizations. Membership is free and open to anyone from any state (our members currently come from 14 different states and Canada). Visit our website to learn about our member recognition programs, opportunities for teacher leadership, and our annual conference held in the fall. Please email "" or fill out our online contact form at with any questions.

  • Texas Earth Science Teachers Association (TESTA)

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