These are dynamic times to be living on planet Earth, and dynamic times to be teaching about our planet Earth. In the past few decades, the Earth Sciences have grown from infancy to the most dynamic and societally-relevant field of science. Recent events —earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, nor’easters, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, water supply problems, and much more — demonstrate the necessity to understand Earth Science in order to create an informed citizenry capable of making good decisions when disasters strike. For Earth Science educators, this requires the ability to remain current with the changes in the Earth Sciences as a field of study.

Since 1983, the National Earth Science Teachers Association has served our membership with the vision to "…provide leadership and effective support to teachers so that all K-12 students receive quality Earth and Space Science Education" and mission "to facilitate and advance excellence in Earth and Space Science Education." To achieve this vision and facilitate this mission, our members receive many benefits such as our quarterly journal, The Earth Scientist; our monthly email newsletter, NESTA E-News; occasional Special Alerts with electronic updates about resources and opportunities; Share-a-thons and Rock Raffles at NSTA area and national conventions; Earth and Space Science Day lectures by leading geoscientists at the NSTA National conference; and field trips to geologically interesting locations. NESTA leaders are often called upon to provide a nationally-recognized voice speaking to the future of Earth Science education at meetings of other scientific and school leadership organizations. NESTA collaborates with federal agencies and organizations seeking to advance geoscience education and literacy. As the leading national organization representing K-12 Earth and Space Science teachers, membership in NESTA is a must to teachers seeking to promote geoscience education nationally and take part in leadership at the national level. If you are not already a member of NESTA, join NESTA today!.

In 2006, NESTA leadership developed our 2006-2016 Strategic Plan to guide our activities as we work to achieve our vision and mission to serve our membership. As effective as our organization was in the past, the goals in our strategic plan are designed to enhance our organization to serve our members in new and exciting ways. Use this website as an interface to link into all that NESTA has to offer you, our members.

More recently, the NESTA Board of Directors approved an updated 2015-2024 Strategic Plan to carry NESTA forward.

NESTA's understanding or and connection with K-12 teachers of Earth Science additionally empowers our leadership and members to develop cooperative programs with allied organizations. These have included the annual American Geoscience Union and European Geoscience Union GIFT (Geoscience Information For Teachers) Workshops; the American Geoscience Institute's Congressional Visitation Day and Edward C Roy, Jr., Award for Excellence in K-8 Teaching; the 2015 AGI-NAGT Summit on Implementing the NGSS; and many others

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Now you can easily access information on topics that highlight our active Earth. Learn all about the latest earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, severe weather, wildfires, tides and currents, droughts, a calendar of solar and lunar eclipses, and daily streamflow information.